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Axelera AI


Testimonial from Fabrizio Del Maffeo Founder and CEO, Axelera AI

Working with Grow Your Talent during the startup phase of Axelera AI was a transformative experience. Their expertise in designing the HR structure for our European organization was instrumental in our early success. They ensured that all the processes were in place to hire our founding team of 30 employees across three different countries, seamlessly navigating the complexities of international recruitment.

Grow Your Talent didn’t just stop there. They played a pivotal role in building up our HR team, meticulously bringing together all the different HR roles necessary for a robust and efficient department. Their holistic approach ensured that our HR operations were cohesive and aligned with our business goals from the outset.

In the subsequent phase of our growth, Grow Your Talent supported me in building up our executive team, a critical step for Axelera AI. Their guidance and insights were invaluable in helping me select key executives, including our VP of HR, CFO, and Chief of Staff. Their support ensured that we had the right leadership in place to steer the company towards future success.

I wholeheartedly recommend Grow Your Talent to any organization looking for comprehensive and strategic HR support. Their dedication, expertise, and personalized approach were crucial to our early achievements and continue to be a cornerstone of our ongoing growth.